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Building Maintenance Partnership
Mutual scheme to Norfolk’s local authority maintained schools. To provide protection against the costs of sickness.
The BMP is a scheme to help schools manage delegated repairs, maintenance and statutory responsibilities. It is a collective, non-profit making building maintenance scheme in the ownership of member schools and is managed on behalf of the member schools by the BMP Board. Schools pay an agreed premium for membership of the BMP and then have peace of mind knowing their maintenance requirements, foreseen or unforeseen, will be managed.

The proposed new BMP-Maintenance 4 Schools scheme is moving into a fourth term and is offered to all eligible Norfolk Schools.
Existing BMP members have automatic right of entry to the successor scheme. New members will be requested to provide details of their last 3 years maintenance records to assist in identifying and programming all servicing, testing and cyclical works.

For the BMP to work effectively, a sufficient number of schools will need to subscribe to it. This will allow the peaks and troughs of expenditure to be spread across the participating schools over the 5 year contract period.
New to this scheme is the introduction of a ‘Compliance’ only level of membership for schools to ensure they are meeting their premises management responsibilities.

Your Governors will need to make a decision on whether to subscribe to the BMP and at what level, ‘Full’ or ‘Compliant’. If the school does decide to join, you will need to complete the separate contract package within the Services for Schools (S4S) package.

We are pleased to be able to offer schools this comprehensive professional support service which has developed and grown over the past 14 years as a successful partnership with over three quarters of Norfolk Schools.
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