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Media Handling and Reputation Management
Protecting and enhancing reputation through professional support and training in media handling and reputation management.
With more diversity and choice in schools than ever before, and more channels available to voice opinions on the service provided, a school’s reputation management and public perception is crucial in ensuring the school’s success for years to come.

Expert support in print, digital and social media, crisis management and community engagement from Norfolk County Council’s skilled communications professionals is available through a low-cost annual subscription.

This is a crucial insurance policy that provides professional media guidance and support when required. In times of necessity, such as adverse Ofsted inspections or internal crises, being able to call upon a skilled and experienced team of Communications professionals can help maintain or enhance a school’s reputation.

Having this security in mind means that school governors and staff can continue performing their roles effectively, aware that the school’s image is being safeguarded by experienced crisis management professionals.

Over recent years, we have helped schools with hundreds of issues that have sparked media interest, including staff suspensions, criminal activity, sudden deaths and negative Ofsted reports.
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