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Leading the way in financial and business support for schools
For School Leaders to ensure every learner gets a good education it is imperative that we give schools and academies the necessary support and guidance so they can ensure maximum investment in supporting education. We recognise the changing requirements brought about by the increased numbers of clusters and federations, along of course with both Multi and Single Academy Trusts. We continue to invest in the development of our systems in line with national policy and local issues that impact on delivery of education

The Finance & Business Services team are a team of accountancy professionals (CIPFA, ACCA, AAT, CSBM) with extensive knowledge of national and local financial procedures, experience of schools’ financial systems and wider School Business Management skills.

We can support you either in school, via phone or electronically helping you to ensure the most effective use of resources in order to have the maximum impact on pupil outcomes.

We offer a range of packages enabling you to select the level of support appropriate to your needs and budget.
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