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Sickness Insurance Scheme
Mutual scheme to Norfolk’s local authority maintained schools. To provide protection against the costs of sickness.
The Sickness Insurance scheme is a mutual scheme to give schools the option of protecting against the cost associated with staff sickness. The scheme covers a range of staff subject to your school type.
Premiums are calculated by multiplying the 'Premium PA per FTE' figure by the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) posts for the selected option as determined by the October payroll information. This one-off annual premium will also cover any additional or temporary appointments made during the financial year.
Claims are submitted on a calendar month basis via the Sickness Insurance Database provided by School’s Finance Team, with regular reminders e-mailed to schools requesting outstanding returns.
Payments are made one month in arrears by crediting the school via the monthly download;
Half Days are paid at 50% of the full daily rate for the claim type regardless of the FTE of the selected staff member.

We also offer a 'Teachers Supported Return to Work' policy. Further information can be viewed within this package.