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I’ve never seen so many children so excited and inspired to read!
Research shows that children who read more succeed more, so Norfolk Library and Information Service have a specialist service for all educational settings. We are dedicated to increasing children and young people’s access to and interest in reading as well as working with schools to support staff and improve school library provision.

The expert and experienced ELS staff team support continual improvement through:
  • Loaning excellent resources, using the ELS mobile library as well as deliveries of books and resources
  • Working with children and young people to inspire reading more widely and encourage independent learning and information literacy with sessions in school that add value to teaching and learning
  • Auditing your library stock and environment providing you with a detailed report
  • Saving staff time and money by helping you stock, catalogue and organise your library / book corners as rich and dynamic environments
  • Training, motivating, inspiring, encouraging and training staff as well as keeping staff up to date with the latest trends and developments and provide opportunities to share good practice
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19 Sep
Designated Safeguarding Lead Training UPDATE: Safeguarding in Education
Those experienced Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) who have previously attended the full day/ 2 day Safeguarding in Education training course and require a two-year update in line with statutory guidance will be able to access this half-day refresher. This course is only available to Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) in a school or college setting who have attended the full day/2-day Safeguarding in Education Course.
19 Sep
Awareness of Challenges when Working with Parents - Multiagency
To provide practitioners across all agencies with best practice principles for working with parents and to learn how to deal with the challenges parents may present such as dangerous, difficult or evasive behaviour.
20 Sep
BTEC Advanced Award for Teaching Assistants Working With Sensory Impaired Young People - Hearing Impairment
Do you work with a child or young person with a hearing impairment?
20 Sep
BTEC Advanced Award for Teaching Assistants Working With Sensory Impaired Young People - Visual Impairment
Do you work with a child or young person with a visual impairment?
24 Sep
Designated Safeguarding Lead Training: Safeguarding in Education
This Course is for any member of staff who intends to perform the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) or the role of the alternate DSL. The 2 day course will cover the legislative framework, statutory guidance, the roles and responsibilities of the DSL, safer working practice, learning lessons from serious case reviews and best practice in line with the Ofsted Framework for Inspection. From September 2016, members of staff who are new to the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead or have not attended the Safeguarding in Education Course since April 2010 will be required to attend a two day training course. This development is in response to feedback received following DSL training, it has been supported by the Education Advisory Group of the NSCB and brings the training in line with many other LAs and the NSPCC. DSLs who have attended a full day training since April 2010 are not required to undertake the two day course and should book on a refresher.