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Updata Schools Connectivity Services

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With over 30 years’ experience in the education sector, we understand how to make IT work for schools.

Following the recent IT procurement, Norfolk County Council has awarded the contract to Updata, part of Capita, to be the provider of IT services to Norfolk Schools, working collectively with Capita Managed IT Solutions.

The contract was let by competitive tender to get schools and other users the best deal. The service has been carefully designed to meet schools’ requirements, based on guidance from NEN ( It represents a significant advance on the current service.

Schools Connectivity

Schools today are using increasing amounts of online resources and applications to support teaching and learning. With students and teachers using the internet on a daily basis and relying on it to support learning, it is vital that schools have access to secure and reliable Connectivity in order to meet their demands.

Our service will provide fast, secure and reliable Broadband Connectivity which will include your schools WAN Connection, Internet Access, DNS, Web Filtering and Firewall services. Email Filtering will continue to be provided by the Google Mail and Microsoft 365 platforms.

Solution Overview

WAN Connection

As a result of the significant BDUK Better Broadband for Norfolk Investment, schools will be provided with a Next Generation Access (NGA) fttC connection, providing higher bandwidths. With our Schools Connectivity Service, your connection will be upgraded to 80Mbps or 40Mbps versions of the FttC service depending on your school’s location and size.

A number of schools will be provided a higher bandwidth connection using fibre technology, providing bandwidth at 100Mbps and 1Gbps. Included within the WAN connection, is access to the internet through the Updata network and a DNS hosting service.

Web Filtering

Schools need fast and safe access to educational resources, whilst preventing access to inappropriate content. The system offers flexibility by enabling internet access to be tailored by class, role and department or for specific periods of time. As new websites appear, the filtering services will automatically block sites that are inappropriate. Reports can be produced automatically based on filtering exceptions and user activity.

Firewall Service

The firewall service ensures your school network is protected, with updates taking place each hour to ensure you are protected against the latest threats at all times. The firewall service combines firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antimalware and antispam into a single system. The network will be monitored 24x7 for any potential threats.

Email Filtering

Schools email filtering will continue to be provided by the Google Mail and Microsoft 365 (MS 365) platforms and will not change. For those schools that do not use Gmail and MS 365 have their own mail server, optional access will be provided to Capita’s email and anti-spam and filtering platform, providing schools with anti-spam and malware protection as well as manage attachments in line with school policy. An administrative portal is provided for schools to control quarantined emails and provide reports

Internet Access and DNS

Included within the WAN connection, is access to the internet through the Updata network. This will also provide a DNS hosting service, where {} domains will be migrated over to Updata’s DNS hosting service from the current supplier.


Schools in Norfolk will benefit from a brand new, secure and highly resilient authority Wide Area Network which has been designed and built specifically for the region by an IT partner who is a specialist in the education sector.

Why should you choose Updata as your Connectivity provider?

Updata will work with you to ensure the transition from your previous provider to our service is smooth. Our education technical specialists will take care of all your installation requirements ensuring existing connections are retained to your school systems and applications, with no disruption to teaching and learning. On-going support will be provided, delivering a consistent and reliable broadband connection to your school.

In a nutshell

By choosing to partner with Updata you will benefit from:

Cost effective and future proof investment

Schools will benefit from economies of scale from the overall service which encompasses the Norfolk region with the vast majority benefiting from an improved services at a reduced price. The investment in improvements to the infrastructure across the region also futureproofs the technology and your investment.

Fast, secure and reliable Service

The new service will provide a faster, more reliable Connectivity service to support the increasing use of the internet for teaching and learning. With the web filtering, firewall services and industry standard solution and services in place you can have peace of mind that your school’s data and student’s e-safety is protected.

Proactive 24x7x365 support

Our School’s Connectivity Service also includes remote and onsite support should anything go wrong with your network or associated hardware. The network is proactively monitored 24x7x365 ensuring that any potential issues can be identified and often remotely fixed before they become a problem, ensuring that there is no disruption to teaching and learning. If an issue cannot be resolved remotely or hardware needs repaired, a local engineer is available to support your school onsite; providing you with peace of mind that any issues will be resolved quickly and with minimal impact to the school.

Benefits of the new contract

  • Saves time
The new arrangement has been tendered via the European Union competitive dialogue process - schools can buy from the new NCC framework without obtaining alternative quotes.
  • Peace of mind
The solution has been fully checked by industry, legal and procurement experts in terms of security, data protection, legalities, terms and conditions and optimal technical design, so you do not have to worry about these areas.
  • Economies of scale in price and investment
Schools will benefit from the economies of scale of the combined value of the contract for schools, NCC, 4 district councils and a health trust. This not only means a better price for those participating bodies, but also improves the level of investment in infrastructure across the county. This in turn will future-proof the technological solution for all participants.
  • One size does not fit all – there is a granular approach with a choice of options that enable you to buy the services your school wants. Your new contract will be directly with Updata, so you can control when you want to change or purchase additional services.
  • Increased choice of services to complement and enhance the ICT experience in schools.

Complementary services, such as mobile device management and managed wireless, will enable staff (and in some cases learners) to move seamlessly between school sites.

An Integrated Solution – Norfolk Cloud Portal - We automatically create school user accounts from your MIS system and integrate them with cloud based services such as Google Apps and Gmail so that users only need to log in once to access all their services in the Norfolk Cloud Portal.

More Details

All schools have been sent individual letters and service order forms outlining their individual proposal, including bandwidth and price. Full information about the service or to discuss your individual offer please call Updata 0844 463 2828 or email
Further information is also available at

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