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Energy fuel costs have risen considerably and are expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. These price increases will have a significant impact on your building operating costs and you have the opportunity to purchase our expert advice that could produce significant savings on your fuel and water bills. Many schools that have joined the energy monitoring service have benefited by achieving substantial reductions in their energy and water costs. This service enables you to compare and contrast your energy and water consumption as well as benchmark your usage against government approved benchmarks. In the majority of cases savings of over 10% are identified, either through identifying supply issues through the reports or via advice from the annual visit or telephone support. The level of monitoring often enables early identification of problems that allow for quick resolutions.


The following included services should result in a saving of at least 10%.
  • A named energy consultant will be appointed. They will advise your school on any aspect of energy efficiency, carbon savings or tariff analysis.
  • The consultant will visit the client once a year to discuss energy related issues providing option 2 has been selected and will investigate other potential savings on site.
  • The consultant will check the invoices on behalf of the client and identify where savings could be made.
  • The consultant will advise the client on the level of tariffs appropriate to the client's levels of demand for water or various types of fuel.
  • The consultant will, if requested, act on behalf of the client in cases where billing issues have been identified and require additional support.
  • The consultant will maintain a computer database containing information on all fuels and water from the invoices, including supplied historical data where available. This information can also be used to assist the client in managing budgets for fuel and water.
  • The consultant will issue various energy consumption and benchmarking reports on an annual basis. These reports will provide information that will identify any supply issues as well as comparing your school against historic consumption and other similar establishments.
  • The client will ideally send copies of all invoices relating to fuel use and water charges to the consultant. These will be used to improve reporting accuracy.
  • The client will remain responsible for organising payment of invoices.
On shared supply sites all schools should participate in the scheme.

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