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Research has shown that children love to be outside and often achieve better learning outcomes from the stimulation of activities in the grounds.

The Grounds Advisory Service is an experienced team that offers support and guidance on all aspects of school grounds to assist the school in maximising the potential of their outdoor resources. We keep abreast of the latest trends and ideas and share good practice across our customer base. We understand that customers have extremely tight budgets and will work very hard to achieve cost effective solutions.


  • We will help you achieve best value and quality workmanship by using our industry knowledge and contacts.
  • We will save you time and effort by managing the project from start to finish if required.
  • We will provide ideas, suggestions and budget costs on General landscaping: beds, lawns, tree planting, Environmental areas, ponds and forest schools, Quiet areas, sensory gardens, Vegetable growing beds, Shade areas, amphitheatres and seating, Synthetic grass to replace worn out lawns, Hard areas, paving, fencing, Sports facilities and accessories, Play equipment.
  • We will help you manage boundary disputes. Many schools have adjacent residents who have concerns about trees or hedges growing on the school’s land. We will offer advice or contact the neighbour directly on your behalf.
  • We will help you manage your trees safely to meet your legal obligations. We can provide a tree survey/management plan and quotations from qualified tree contractors for all recommended works. There are many tree contractors competing for work. Our quotations will be from contractors who have had their quality and pricing assessed to ensure they meet our customers’ needs

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Tree safety management on school sites
As you are aware there has been quite a push over the last few years to improve the tree management at schools to ensure a safe environment as required by law. Many schools have engaged the Norse Grounds Advisory Service to help them provide a management policy and hazard/risk assessment – the policy lasts for 2.5 years, so some schools are on their third update. The school’s trees are surveyed and tagged and any works needed are identified and prioritised. The Grounds Advisors will then provide quotes and manage the works if needed.

As a result of all this activity, we have seen major improvements in the health of the trees on these sites so that gales and stormy weather no longer cause the concerns they did previously. Additionally, any dead, diseased or damaged trees can be dealt with before they come a hazard to children, staff and visitors.

The Grounds Advisors have also managed a fund provided by NCC to help with the cost of emergency tree works and provided this to schools as needed. As you know, NCC has decided that from now on, all tree expenditure will need to be met from the school’s own funds.

We would like to reassure you that the Grounds Advisors are available to help as before. With very good contacts in the trade, we will help you obtain best value both on the policy itself and any follow up work.

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Head Office – please call Christine Burns
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