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Alternative Provision - Education Quality Assurance and Intervention Service Working alongside professionals from a variety of settings to ensure quality education for all young people accessing alternative provision.




This service comprises 2 main sectors:

1) Unregulated Alternative Provision settings

2) Medical Needs Education

Unregulated Alternative Provision [AP] settings are establishments which are not registered schools or colleges. They may however, offer a day or two a week to pupils (from mainstream or special schools, or from a home-educated environment) who require a more bespoke package of education. AP settings are varied and wide-ranging. Courses can include construction, bricklaying, plastering, vehicle maintenance, drama, music, social and emotional well-being, horticulture, small animal care or hair and beauty, for example. The service quality assures these settings and aims to work alongside them and schools to ensure high quality provision for young people, compliance with statutory guidelines and practice which is in line with Ofsted expectations.

The Medical Needs Education service supports young people who cannot attend school due to ill health. For some young people, this will be absence from school due to a physical or mental health condition. For others, they may be attending a hospital school or attending their own school but with adjustments made for health reasons. Provision for all these young people is varied and dependent on need and diagnosis. The service aims to work with schools to enable them to be fully compliant with statutory guidance and with Ofsted expectations. The service also works alongside its commissioned provider, The Short Stay School for Norfolk, to ensure quality alternative provision during absence from school due to ill health.


The service will offer training for all schools and alternative provision settings to raise awareness of statutory guidance, Ofsted expectations, good practice and local authority guidelines.

  • Unregulated Alternative Provision: Training will include key information on how schools and AP settings can work together more successfully, to promote positive outcomes for young people. Guidance will be provided on statutory obligations, Ofsted expectations, examples of good practice within the sector, common pitfalls and the NCC quality assurance process. Please see below for future training dates.

  • Medical Needs Education: Training will include key information on the role of schools and the local authority for children with medical needs. Colleagues from medical services will provide information on how schools can access support for young people with health needs. LA colleagues will provide guidance on the links between SEND and Medical Needs and attendance coding, for example. Please see below for future training dates.

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